IC Systems

Hi, My husband allowed a relative to purchase a cell phone under his name. needless to say, that person racked up a 1,400. dollar bill before we had it turned off. It was a Sprint phone and they sent it out to IC Systems for collections. I contacted IC Systems and tried to explain (they did not care!) that we would pay it back at $20 a month until we got it down to a reasonable amount and then try to pay it off in larger chunks.

They said no…I started paying them $20 dollars a month anyway. It is now down to 1,200. dollars and I offered them $800. they refused. They have harassed me by phone for almost a year now. Today, I received a call on my cell phone from them! I was so surprised since the bill is not in my name and I have no idea how they got my cell number! They ring my phone day and night starting at 8am and ending near 10 pm. What can I do??

Thanks in advance.

Tell them in writing that you cannot pay the debt and send in snail mail. Don’t acknowledge that you owe the debt. I have to think more. There are federal and state laws pertaining to consumer credit that you should read that must be posted on the Internet. I would also visit the FTC to see what regulations they are enforcing. I should know more but this is a good start.

Thanks for your reply. I will send them a letter. Does anyone have any idea what I should include in the letter? As to not acknowledging the debt, wouldn’t sending them a letter confirm the debt?

I.C. should know better than call people and break federal laws. I think they were one of the agencies recently sued and lost for those actions. In a way you have acknowledged the debt already by paying on it, and its still going to be on your credit records. Send them a letter stating that you will deal only with Sprint – there
is an example posted recently on this site – send it certified, return receipt, then sue them if they keep calling.

These people are almost certainly in violation of the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Under that act I think they cannot make phone calls before 8 am or after 9 PM and you can sue them for damages! Write them a letter telling them you are asking them under the FDCPA to stop contacting you by phone and by law they must do that. You can also file a complaint with the BBB where the company is located (probably won’t do much good since they are violating the law anyway) and look to bringing a lawsuit against IC systems under the FDCPA. Check out information on the FDCPA thru the Federal Trade Commissions Web site www.ftc.gov.