Debt collectors

Hi. I am wondering after my debt is charged off to a collector, how long before I am given legal papers to appear in court??

I have been contacted by UCB that they will sue me by month’s end if I dont send them money. They’ve only had my account about 3 months. How often is this a ploy to scare me and how quickly do companies usually take you to court?? Im actually on the edge of settling this one but need another few months just to have the right amount of money. Any help out there?? Thanks.

We need more info. What type of debt is it and how much do you owe? Any other specifics? I received a letter from UCB early in the process. That was over a year ago and nothing has happened since. I’ve been paying down what debt I can now, though, so that may have helped. Further, the calls have been fewer since I changed the greeting on the answering machine to the standard computer voice vs my personal greeting. Good luck to all and may God help us all as well!

CC debt, bank of america to be specific. a little over 10k.

It would depend upon the statute of limitations in your state – no matter what someone else posts. It is a state issue. Read more here – I defaulted and was never sued. My lawyer sent a letter stating that I could not pay because of personal circumstances. You don’t need a lawyer for this part. Most law schools are federal depositories and must allow members of the public to view materials. When I was in law school, they seemed to go out of their way to help. They can certainly show you where it states how much time your creditors have. You can write a default letter yourself. Any decent lawyer should be able to outline your options. There are too many personal variables to suggest anything more.