Debt Management Plan from a company

Has anyone every tried a Debt Management plan from a good company? I have over $ 34,000.00 in unsecured debt and going into 6 months without a payment. Bankruptcy is on my mind, but it will be the last resort.

With that large of unsecured debt, I think you may need some outside financial help and or counseling. Why is it that you havent made a payment for up to 6 months? Are you out of work?

Even if you get outside help to start a debt management plan of some sort, the main thing you will need to realize is that, YOU have to change some of your attitudes and really start living the very “frugal” life for a temporary amount of time. Once you do that, you may realize how many things where so unnessary to aquire to be happy and the debt was a consequence of pure over indulgence. Yes, this is just my opinion and I am getting into the coar personal problem of why people get into major debt.

There is a very small percentage of people who get into debt because of circumstances way beyond their control and this is the truth. If you work hard, make a daily effort and stay focused on the goal of becoming debt free, you could do it, even with a $34,000 debt. I’ve known people who were more in debt than that and did it… it’s not unrealistic.

What you are willing to give up now, will actually come back to you later… There are so many personal circumstances of your life on how you live, that could be the turning factor of you helping yourself get out of debt… but only you know that. I’ve been there and done it.

Why do you want a company, are you able to start paying the vultures something? All? None? To file are you thinking chap 7 or 13?

You can do this yourself, why pay some one else. You already are in charge off status, the debt collectors have called or still are.

Suggest you go to, or read Dave Ramseys book Total Money Makeover or Financial Peace, Figure out how much you can save a month for either a payments or to go to a lump sum settlement fund, and to do either you need a budget, and to get out of debt it has to be bare bones. Look in the archives here to find the stuff on settlement. Hope that helps.

I will have to agree with the post here. I suggest that you take a long hard look at Dave Ramsey and his financial counseling. After reading the so-called experts, Dave makes the most logical sense (in my humble opinion) on how to get out of debt and start your wealth – building.