The financial industry wants to have free access to everyone’s credit history

…Even if people want it restricted because they fear their identity may have been stolen. This would be the case if the credit industry computers got hacked as has already happened several times. See, they don’t want to be responsible for fixing the breech and reestablishing their files on us on a wholesale level, so they want Congress to make it so that we can’t act on our suspicion that we’re about to be robbed because the reporting industry screwed up. If this passes, it’s up to their discretion only and we’ll only get the ability to lock our reports AFTER we’ve been robbed.

As it says in the article, it’s like the government requiring everyone to keep their doors open with burglars on the loose in the neighborhood, however they’ll allow you to bolt the doors after you’ve been burglarized.

Well isn’t that swell. Anything for the financial industry lobbyists is a sure winner in Washington. Congress has no shame at all for even allowing such legislation to get to a vote, and these are Republicans, the ones who got elected under the premise that they would get big government off of our backs, who bring it to the floor.

After five years of total Republican control of Washington, it should be clear that what they really meant was that they would get government off of their good buddy’s backs and screw the rest of us. Please get us back to gridlock.