I think I realize what you are saying

Schwab and other places give advice at no charge because they are going to make money from your money deposited with them. It is not a noble public service. I wonder what the SEC provides on their web site. You are not getting something for nothing. Why pay twice? ItÂ’s a market concept. The company providing the best service at the lowest rate should succeed as a fundamental economic principle. What do you think?

The lower priced business should succeed but sometimes it doesn’t work that way. Some people actually think you have to spend a lot of money in order to earn a lot. But sometimes if you go in with a large group you can get lower costs. I use the 401k program at work and the fees are way less than I’d pay on my own. The 401k is a great help with saving money because I never see the money, it gets taken out of my check before it ever reaches me.

With a regular savings account I put money in but then eventually take it back out again instead of just leaving it alone. I did ask for a professional to advise me because the 401k offered so many different choices and I wanted to get the best ones for my situation. Some carry more risk than others, some are best for long-term savings, and those are only a couple of the different benefits.

That is something I didn’t know, that Schwab works that way. It doesn’t really matter since I can’t find one near where I currently live. That’s one drawback of living in a small town I guess. With the price of gas these days i can’t afford to drive very far.

When i got my tax refund i went to my bank

They offered a choice of CDs (certificates of deposit) with different interest rates. I like knowing the money is in the bank earning interest but that if needed i can get it just by gong to the bank. You can also ask at your bank if they have people who can give you advice about investments. Usually the first initial meeting runs twenty minutes and most times it won’t cost you a penny. The second visit and beyond will have a fee. Also check at the public library. Sometimes they have free group sessions/classes on all kinds of topics and they have lots of books. I’d go with a professional at your bank cause you won’t find too many books that agree on the same way to go. I gave up on books when one said do A and the next one said do B cause A was the wrong way to go.

I wouldn’t put money in any back that charged a fee for a consultation, second or not. They’re soliciting my business, my money and my trust so why should I pay them for that? The concept is outrageous. You’d get better treatment at a brokerage house like Schwab. You realize that the bank earns high-interest from all the money deposited.

You really should not have to pay for investment reviews. Banks do earn interest on monies on deposit but not necessarily all money and not necessarily high-interest.

The bank/credit union that you choose to do business with really should offer investment advice at no cost to you. Keep searching till you find one that does.

May I ask….What is the Credit Card A&B idea?

But some people don’t want a brokerage house or live in an area where there aren’t any nearby. Some times no matter what you do you have to pay. You can’t get something for nothing a lot of times. And when I’m offered something free I feel pretty sure that sooner or later there’s going to strings.