Bankruptcy info

I am new to the group and looking for some information on filing bankruptcy online. I have talked to a couple of lawyers who want to charge me $1300-$1600 to file bankruptcy. I have done a lot of research and filing is my only option. I have been looking at filing online through USA Bankruptcy or one of those firms who for a small fee will do all the paperwork for you. Has anyone used these types of firms and what was your experience with them. I was taken in by a loan fraud company and now I am very skeptical about getting help from anyone! Please give me any info that you can offer it will be greatly appreciated.

Hi! I’m a lawyer who became ill and had to default on my consumer credit. If you can find $1,000. it is advisable to hire a lawyer. Knowing which papers to file is not taught in law school. You want someone who knows enough law in general to spot any issues in your personal scenario. There is no substitute for this service. If you cannot afford a lawyer, I would strongly suggest you do it yourself. The bankruptcy court in your jurisdiction should tell you what forms to file. I am certain there are free general bankruptcy help sites online. I can’t see paying someone to file forms.

First, you have to gather the information to put on the form yourself. Second, people do it by themselves frequently. I see it as gimmick to make $. I am suing a pharmaceutical company. I had to supply all the information before the lawyer would represent me. I think you just need structure. The clerk’s office should supply it. The bankruptcy code is available online. There is no magic. I wish there were.