I think I realize what you are saying

Schwab and other places give advice at no charge because they are going to make money from your money deposited with them. It is not a noble public service. I wonder what the SEC provides on their web site. You are not getting something for nothing. Why pay twice? ItÂ’s a market concept. The company providing the best service at the lowest rate should succeed as a fundamental economic principle. What do you think?

The lower priced business should succeed but sometimes it doesn’t work that way. Some people actually think you have to spend a lot of money in order to earn a lot. But sometimes if you go in with a large group you can get lower costs. I use the 401k program at work and the fees are way less than I’d pay on my own. The 401k is a great help with saving money because I never see the money, it gets taken out of my check before it ever reaches me.

With a regular savings account I put money in but then eventually take it back out again instead of just leaving it alone. I did ask for a professional to advise me because the 401k offered so many different choices and I wanted to get the best ones for my situation. Some carry more risk than others, some are best for long-term savings, and those are only a couple of the different benefits.

That is something I didn’t know, that Schwab works that way. It doesn’t really matter since I can’t find one near where I currently live. That’s one drawback of living in a small town I guess. With the price of gas these days i can’t afford to drive very far.