Charged off?

My credit cards have been “charged off”. I have had several different collections people calling me though. I’m assuming they were “bought”. Can these collections people sue me or does it have to be the original people?

The bank has 180 days to collect or make a deal prior to writing/charging off the debt on their books. They then sell it to a third party debt collector/lawfirm for pennies on the dollar.

The collector by law can take action against you. If you have assets or employed, take action in protecting yourself. In America: ‘The bigger plum you are, the more ripe you are for pickin.’

You have rights under federal law i.e. FDCPA to demand they cease their collection efforts until they prove a valid debt. They can never do this. If you don’t know your rights, you can’t assert them. Knowledge is power, even greater if applied! Educate yourself.