I am seeking help

I am seeking help. I am very resigned that I will never be able to manage money, get out and stay out of debt, have money saved to take care of my self and my husband….much less really be able to do some amazing things I want to do.

I have been an artist and entertainer for many years. I have transformed many areas of my life. I am now opening a practice as a Hypnotist and I perform as a hypnotist also. I work for myself and mostly always have.

I have gotten out of debt before almost all the way with the exception of our home. But we blew it again. I think I need someone local to really work with, to have support. I am taking a course right now, that looks at what your conversations are about money, helps you to discover what is really running you. But today, I am just depressed and feel like I will never get a handle on this. To tell you the truth, money scares me. I am being straight here. I am an intelligent, successful person and this is part of the reason I am bummed.

I like the idea of creating a plan. And I am scared to death that I have to go back to living with nothing. I need money to get my new businesses under way, which are creating a whole new level of income. But I just don’t know where to look and back to the above. I am afraid I will not get what I need.

So, can anyone speak to this? Thanks.

I am scared stiff because I am going through a professional transition. Not knowing the future is scary but that is what defines the future. It sounds as though you are capable of succeeding. You came close before. You have the benefit of the experience. I think just revealing your thoughts to this website must make them less burdensome. Plug away.

Don’t isolate yourself in gloom. I feel if we are honest everyone has felt the way you are feeling now. Being in debt is not viewed as something to be proud about in society. We should not be proud. We are ameliorating the situation. Best of luck and take it one step at a time.

I have fear of money too. Intellectually, I know its ridiculous but emotionally I have this fear. I guess all we can do is gear ourselves up, deal with it, and then our reward is we did it. Hopefully, with practice we will get better.